Supplier Information

​On this page please find information, guides and documents explaining how we manage relationships with our suppliers.

The Procurement Team at Veolia are responsible for sourcing the goods and services that the business requires and managing the associated supply chain risk in the UK and Ireland.

The Direct Team manage the categories that are critical to the day-to-day delivery of Veolia's business operations, namely Operating Equipment and Supplies, Subcontracting, Mobile and Motorised Equipment and Energy and Chemicals.

The Indirect Team manage the categories which are usually related to corporate overheads, classified as General Purchasing, Intellectual Services and IT & Telecommunications. 

The Procurement Support Team facilitate the transactional processes, including Vendor Setup and Maintenance.


Proactis is Veolia's vendor portal which acts as a repository for all vendor records and the core means of assessment of companies who want to supply the company. For successful suppliers, there is a one or two phase registration process, dependent on the  nature of supply. 

Phase 1 User Guide
Phase 1 of this process is purely registration aimed at obtaining basic company information such as address, bank details. Please click here for more information.

Phase 2 User Guide
Phase 2 focuses on risk profiling and data management where we ask the vendor to upload documents onto their account such as health and safety policy, insurance documents. Please click here for more information.

Contractor Health and Safety All contractors working on our sites are required to comply with these rules. Please click here for  more information.

Procurement Sustainability
Our procurement activities play a large part in our corporate sustainability strategy both in how we operate and how we expect our suppliers to operate. Please read our Sustainable Recruitment Policy to learn more.

Proactis FAQ
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Phase 1 User Guide
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Phase 2 User Guide
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Veolia Terms and Conditions
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Contractor Health and Safety
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Procurement Sustainability Policy
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