Hazardous Waste Services

Hazardous Waste Facilities

Hazardous Facilities


Using our in-house treatment facilities give you access to the latest technologies for the best overall environmental option for your wastes.

We offer some of the industry's most innovative solutions and we're constantly developing new and more efficient ways to reuse your waste products.

We have a national network of inorganic and organic hazardous waste facilities where the neutralisation of acidic and alkaline materials, de-watering of sludges and handling of low level radioactive materials is carried out.

We also have a number of other specialist hazardous waste treatment and recovery services including:

Health and safety

We work to exacting standards. All of our facilities are fully permitted and have gained ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. All sites have comprehensive systems that trace your waste from ‘cradle to grave’.

On-site laboratory facilities offer full analysis of your waste before collection and on arrival, ensuring your legal compliance.

If you would like advice on how best to deal with your hazardous waste, or you’d like a quote or a visit from one of our specialist chemists, please call us on 0845 6060 460 or contact us.

Our hazardous waste facilities include:

For secure destruction of hazardous, non-hazardous, low-level radioactive and confidential materials.

Transform your organic and solvent wastes into a replacement for fossil fuels.