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Veolia has over 30 years experience in Combined Heat and Power and is firmly established as a leading developer of today's CHP products.

Veolia (Cogenco) Combinded Heat and Power offers the latest CHP technology to give you cost effective environmental solutions for on-site electricity, heat and cooling generation. Our CHP product range has been developed in conjunction with the world's leading engine and generator manufacturers and incorporates the latest control systems - to ensure your installation provides what you need and delivers real environmental and cost benefits.

We provide low carbon and zero carbon renewable CHP solutions to commercial and public sectors and to communities.

Our capabilities, experience and expertise make us a leading supplier of CHP. Major organisations trust Veolia to deliver a turnkey service solution that addresses their specific needs resulting in greater competitiveness. Our energy management chain starts from procuring the energy, such as electricity or gas and transforming them using CHP into useful utilities such as hot water, on-site electricity generation and chilled water. To reduce the reliance on fossil fuels we can design solutions that can cut fossil fuel usage and incorporate innovative biomass and biogas technologies.

We operate and maintain our installations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

900 CHPs installed worldwide

30 years experience in cogeneration

Why resourcing the world push
We have the specialist skills to design and manage your CHP

Why resourcing the world push
Low carbon solutions using Combined Heat and Power

Why resourcing the world push
CHP is an attractive option for many sectors. Read our case studies.