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Biomass solutions

The use of renewable energy from biomass is one of the few proven, cost-effective and available technologies that can have an immediate impact on CO2 emissions.

Biomass is a form of stored solar energy and of all possible renewable energy solutions it has the potential to deliver some of the most significant and cost-effective carbon savings. In the form of recycled wood biomass represents one of the most practical options available for green energy. Although burning biomass releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, this is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed in the original growth of the biomass. And, when linked to CHP technology, provides a proven and cost-effective, environmentally-friendly means of providing our future energy needs.

Waste wood diverted from landfill; becomes a resource

Over 706 MWe of electricity produced each year using biomass

13 biomass fueled CHP plants operated across 7 different countries

Veolia's biomass services

We have biomass energy solutions that deliver electricity to the grid, provide renewable heat for industry and district heating and provide electricity and heat through biomass powered Combined Heat & Power

Veolia has a dedicated biomass team with expertise across all areas of a biomass project. We can:

  • provide a secure, reliable, long-term supply of consistent high quality fuel, both recycled and from virgin wood
  • deliver biomass fuel to any location using our unparalleled transport and logistics expertise
  • ensure that plant and machinery is well maintained and available as required
  • manage of any bioamss project from design through to comissioning and operation
  • act as a reputable, financially stable partner when sourcing investment
  • ​help improve recycling and recovery rates of waste wood

Veolia has developed global expertise in these key elements of any biomass project. This expertise means that our customers are provided with a reliable, secure biomass solution that helps improve sustainability and delivers a high level of operational efficiency.

“With Veolia, we are confident of having a world-renowned partner able to commit to a results guarantee because of the experience they have acquired with similar projects,”

Veolia is a member of the Renewable Energy Association and the Wood Recyclers Association.

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Here are some examples of how Veolia's biomass experts has delivered real benefits

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Biomass is a readily available sources of renewable energy. Learn more about why you should use it.

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