Veolia apprentice of the year awards 2015


Turning waste into an energy resource - Southwark

Let's partner on climate action

Resourcing The World Animation - Veolia UK & Ireland

Veolia Lutelandet Decommissioning Facility 

Season's Greetings 2014


Biodiversity - How we are resourcing the world

Tackling litter - How we are resourcing the world

Unlocking hidden potential - How we are resourcing the world

Food waste - How we are resourcing the world

Energy Infrastructure - How we are resourcing the world

Recycling - How we are resourcing the world

Water - How we are resourcing the world

Resourcing the world

It's not  'rubbish job'

How our SELCHP district heating scheme works

Take a look at our animation on how our new London district heating scheme works!


Taking sustainability to the next level

 To safeguard our planet for future generations, it's vital that we try to give back as much as we take. Businesses must take the lead on sustainability and make real changes to address the social and environmental issues of the future that means living up to our responsibilities.


One Veolia

Following the convergence of our traditional businesses in the UK and with our wealth of experience in waste, water and energy. We feel we are the only group in the UK with the environmental know-how to help the world face some of its most significant resource challenges in the future.


Imagine 2050

By 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the world's population will live in cities. It's a prospect that today we cannot even imagine. So Veolia Environnement has joined forces with LSE Cities to visualise the challenges in terms of water, waste and energy use and provide future-proofed solutions.