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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

​Travis Perkins PLC

Travis Perkins plc is a leading FTSE 250 company in the builders’ merchant and home improvement market, and a main supplier to the building and construction environment in the UK. Employing 23,500 people across 17 brands and more than 1,900 locations, Travis Perkins is an environmentally conscious concern with sustainability imbedded throughout its national operation.

Travis Perkins is a leader in its field, adopting an innovative approach to corporate responsibility across all areas of its buying, selling and operating activities. Their vision is to provide responsibly-sourced, resource efficient products that fit low carbon building and refurbishment, delivered with a low carbon footprint and minimal waste.

Travis Perkins had been looking to work with a credible recycling and waste management organisation, which could deliver innovative solutions to their ambitious waste management objectives across their 1,900 sites in the UK.

The Challenge

When Veolia won the Travis Perkins waste and recycling contract, waste was predominantly collected in skips and front end loaders. Very little waste sorting was taking place, so separating recyclates from general and builders waste was high on Travis Perkins’ agenda.

The Solution

Veolia and Travis Perkins undertook a detailed analysis and developed and implemented a major backhaul operation. Today, wastes such as paper and cardboard, brochures and leaflets, plastic wrapping and banding, pallets and electrical items are all bagged-up at branch and returned to one of Travis Perkins’ seven recycling distribution centres via their own delivery vehicles.

We also identified other opportunities to improve Travis Perkins’ waste management performance via a series of waste audits. The exercise highlighted that with further waste segregation and separation an additional 40% of recyclates could be created from the group’s general waste. With this in mind, Veolia introduced a series of external bins for mixed recyclates including plastic bottles, cans and tins and recyclable cups.

This initiative has been successfully rolled-out across Wickes, a subsidiary of Travis Perkins. Other brands are also scheduled to receive the mixed recycling service, further enhancing landfill diversion.

To maximize the effectiveness of the new recycling process, a campaign was created to inform colleagues of the correct items to be recycled. This was promoted across the brands and on Travis Perkins’ intranet site. Veolia also helped to create safety guidelines for servicing waste bins to support Travis Perkins’ high profile “stay safe” campaign. Builders’ merchant yards can be dangerous places for employees, customers and suppliers alike. The promotional materials keep Veolia bins in a safe place, reducing the need for vehicles to reverse and helping to keep everyone safe.

The Result

Travis Perkins has made significant improvements to their waste performance targets. The group currently operates at over 80% diversion from landfill and is on track to achieve 90% diversion from landfill by 2014.

As a result of Veolia’s innovative waste management solution, recycling figures were improved and waste costs reduced significantly. Travis Perkins now recycles over 60% of waste items at branches and stores by segregating 18 different types of waste. The group has also saved over £0.5 million per year, including the neutral waste costs for some of its best performing operations.