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Innovation is at the core of Veolia’s strategy and culture towards building and shaping the circular economy: to manufacture green products, to produce green energy and to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.

Our employees actively involve themselves in these objectives by engaging in our internal innovation process to develop bespoke solutions for customer challenges.
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All Veolia employees can submit their ideas. To start with, ideas are discussed informally within innovation workshops, promising ideas are then carried forward into the Innovation Den, where a formal pitching process takes place in front of customers, our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Committee Members. Approved ideas then gain mentoring support to test and then launch that innovative product into one of our business streams.

Select the tabs below to learn more about the green products that grew from employees innovative ideas and are now available to buy:

Cyclone TFR
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Cyclone Traffic Film Remover (TFR) turns excess washing up liquid, which would otherwise be discarded, into a commercial truck, heavy plant and loading equipment wash. Its efficient cleaning action swiftly breaks down the build up of road traffic film, to leave the vehicle's exterior clean.

Cyclone TFR label
Washing up liquid has a sell by date which once passed makes the product unsellable. To give this detergent a new life Veolia has established a recycling facility in Sheffield. Here every litre of waste detergent is used to create approximately seven litres of Cyclone TFR, a sustainable, competitively priced truck wash.

To trial 25 litres of Cyclone TFR at half price, or to order Cyclone TFR in quantities of 25, 205 or 1,000 litres, contact us outlining:
  • ​The volume of Cyclone TFR that you require
  • ​The frequency that you may require this quantity
  • Your location​ 
We currently use Cyclone TFR™ on our own fleet using jet lances and brushes to provide a top quality clean.
By using Cyclone TFR™, you can:
  • Keep your fleet clean with a high performance non-corrosive truck wash
  • Reduce costs
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • Improve your supply chain's sustainability and green credentials​


The Pro-Grow garden range includes peat free compost and conditioners, responsibly sourced bark chip and wood chip mulch manufactured to a high quality in Britain.

Veolia's range of eco-friendly peat-free composts and soil conditioners for landscapers and gardeners designed to improve soil quality as well as helping the environment.

Manufactured in the UK, the range is suitable for beds to hanging baskets and from lawns to plant pots and is made from 100% recycled biodegradable organic materials. The four new lines complement the original Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner and support plant or lawn growth by adding nutrients and creating an improved soil structure and root environment.

The range includes:

Multi-Purpose Compost
A careful blend of ingredients which provide the perfect growing conditions for a wide range of plants at all ages. Includes nutrients for healthy plants and organic matter to help break down heavy clay soils and improve sandy soils.

Bark Chips
An attractive ornamental bark which can be used to enhance the health and appearance of garden borders, beds and pathways, and as a mulch to retain the moisture in the soil whilst keeping the weeds down.

Woodchip mulch
The woodchip is pre-composted to give an attractive dark appearance and breaks down over time to gradually release nutrients and improve soil structure.

Pro-Grow Lawn Conditioner
Rejuvenates tired looking lawns by improving the soil structure for strong roots and providing natural nutrients for healthy grass. Ideal for application after turfing; for lawn repairs; or as a top dressing.
Newlife paints

Our vision is one in which every litre of waste paint can be used sustainably either as a remanufactured paint or in another secondary product.

It is estimated that the average UK household has 17 tins of used paint being stored in their sheds and garages. Currently all that paint ends up in landfill or being incinerated. 


What is Veolia's solution?

We have licensed technology that allows us to make high quality paint from leftover paint that would otherwise just be waste.

These remanufactured paints have been rigorously tested by the number one paint laboratory in the UK and found to meet the standards associated with a mid-range newly manufactured product. The Environment Agency has provided their opinion that the re-manufactured paint meets the end of waste criteria, allowing our products to be sold on the consumer market.

What types of paint are available?

Our core products are white and magnolia emulsions suitable for use on interior walls and ceilings. We can manufacture paint to either a matt or silk finish.

We have recently begun making bespoke batches of coloured paint to order; we would like to assist budding decorators choose the right shade of paint for your project.

Why should you buy Newlife paint?

This product is the very definition of a sustainable product; made from material that would otherwise be seen as waste and sent to landfill or  worse, left to pollute our world. What better way to contribute, even in a small way, to the better use of resources.

Furthermore, each batch is hand-crafted to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality upon leaving our factory.

Our paint is independently tested to guarantee that it meets the same standards as newly maufactured paint.

How to order?

The paint can be bought via B&Q’s website (www.diy.com) or directly from the Veolia Paint Sales team.