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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

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With over 75 years of energy management experience, Veolia can now help large businesses to reduce their energy bills by signing up for an energy audit designed to meet the demands of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).
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ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme and is the UK Government’s response to implementing Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The government scheme affects organisations that employ at least 250 people and those that employ less than 250 people but achieve an annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet in excess of €43m.

Designed to support the adoption of energy-efficiency measures in the UK’s commercial and industrial sectors it requires large businesses to assess their qualification status by the end of the year and conduct an approved energy audit by 5 December 2015. Veolia are qualified to help relevant UK businesses to achieve their energy efficiency potential cost-effectively. Our lead assessors offer:
  • Site surveys
  • Energy analysis
  • Energy targeting
  • Monitoring and remote support that serve to identify carbon and energy cost reduction opportunities
We can also implement and maintain these measures on your sites to help you achieve cost and carbon reductions. 

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