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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Diageo - Runcorn

The Diageo site at Runcorn processes beverages produced elsewhere in the group (eg. Guinness) and conditions and then packages these into bottles and cans prior to distribution. The plant is also responsible for some contract packaging for other brewers such as Carlsberg, Tetley and Bulmers.

The challenge

To support the packaging lines the factory requires consistent utility supplies including steam, compressed air, refrigeration, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and filtered process water. In 1996 Diageo decided that external management of the utility plant would provide access to a wider level of engineering resources than was available within the company.

The solution

Following Veolia’s* successful long term contract at the Guinness Park Royal Brewery, Diageo awarded an initial contract to Veolia to manage the existing steam, compressed air, chilled water, refrigeration plant and cooling towers on the site. The agreement was designed to guarantee the operation andmaintenance of the utilities, and in 1997 Diageo signed a further agreement for a full compressed air management service that included installation of new controls for the plant.

The high level of service provided by Veolia’s team and their extensive engineering resources has led to further additions to the range of services provided by the contract, with Diageo passing responsibility for high voltage electrical management and industrial maintenance services to Veolia. The scope of services provided by Veolia gives 24 hour year round support for energy and utility plant and distribution systems to the processing and packaging equipment in the factory. 

The results

  • Energy and utility supplies are maintained at specified levels to ensure packaging processes remain operational.

  • Energy and utility distribution networks are maintained to the point of delivery at the packaging process lines

  • An on-site Veolia team provides 24 hour year round service, and is supported by the Veolia mobile team and specialist subcontractors

  • 24 hour remote mobile monitoring and response

  • A Replacement Guarantee Scheme ensures that there are no unplanned maintenance costs


What our customers says

“Our partnership with Veolia guarantees the delivery and support of our utilities which is essential to our packaging lines. The success of the initial energy management contract has allowed us to pass on greater utility responsibility to Veolia who now also provide industrial maintenance services.”

* On July 25th 2014 Dalkia, Veolia's energy activity, adopted the Veolia group name