Meet Some of The Team

  • Louisa Schofield
    Louisa Schofield Recycling Truck Driver I’ve worked at Veolia for four years. As a driver, my day-to-day work involves driving the team round to collect mixed dry recycling items from the kerbside in residential areas. One of the great things about my job is getting to meet the local residents and it’s always nice to hear that they really appreciate what we do. Working at Veolia has also made me realise just how important recycling is to the environment.
  • Paul Nicholas
    Paul Nicholas Water Services Technician I’ve been employed by Veolia for about five years now. My work as a Water Services Technician is really varied and involves a mixture of things from testing water quality and meter reading to sorting leaks and dealing with customer queries. The best thing about working for Veolia is that everyone is valued and their ideas are considered. It’s also made me think more about safety issues even when I’m not at work. 
  • Laura Alcock
    Laura Alcock Chemist I joined Veolia five months ago. My job involves recovering precious metals from hazardous waste and analysing them to determine their purity. Veolia is a company that cares about the health and safety and general welfare of employees. Working here has allowed me to discover the depth of my versatility and improve my skills in laboratory method development. I’ve also gained great friends and self-confidence. 
  • Charlotte Kyle
    Charlotte Kyle Senior Environmental Officer I’ve worked for Veolia for seven years. My role involves carbon reporting, and mandatory reporting on greenhouse gases. I’m also responsible for the carbon and energy reduction strategy, including the environmental rating of buildings and the footprint for new waste treatment technologies. The work is varied, interesting and challenging and I feel lucky that I work in a role which is aligned with my environmental point of view.
  • Hussein Somji
    Hussein Somji Graduate Trainee I joined Veolia’s Graduate Trainee programme about 18 months ago. I undertake engineering projects that will develop new processes to enhance the systems that Veolia uses across all its hazardous waste sites. The technical diversity of Veolia’s business means that every day is a new experience. Working at Veolia has given me that platform to continually develop myself and rise to each challenge.
  • Julie Angulo
    Julie Angulo ​Innovation Manager I joined Veolia about four years ago. My role is an ‘everyday-is-different’ job which makes it very exciting! I have always been passionate about the circular economy and industrial ecology. Working at Veolia gives me the opportunity to turn my passion into something real, tangible and sustainable. I help our people to transform their innovative ideas into deliverable projects that improve the quality and productivity of our recycling business. It is very fulfilling!
  • Aurélie Top
    Aurélie Top ​Accountant I’ve worked at Veolia for two years, building and developing complex models on Excel and performing sensitivity analysis. It gives me the opportunity to apply my financial and analytical skills to concrete, complex industrial projects. Coming from a financial background it’s also been an excellent way to get some technical exposure.
  • Katy Elliott
    Katy Elliott Landscape Gardener

    I’ve worked for Veolia for 12 years. My job involves all aspects of garden maintenance, including taking care of a variety of ornamental borders such as herbaceous perennial borders, Mediterranean borders and annual bedding areas. Working for Veolia has given me real financial security. But the best thing is having the opportunity to work outside doing a job I enjoy in such a beautiful setting.

  • Adam Wakeman
    Adam Wakeman Sales Executive

    I’ve worked for Veolia for two and a half years. My role involves visiting customers at their workplace, undertaking waste audits and proposing ways to improve recycling, avoid waste being sent to landfill and reducing their spend. The best thing about life at Veolia is the constant support I get from my manager and colleagues, helping me to be successful day in, day out. The knowledge I’ve gained as an employee has also made me more conscious about reducing my own carbon footprint.

  • Remi Atanda
    Remi Atanda Technical Analyst

    I’ve worked for Veolia for four years now. My day-to-day role involves supporting users on site, as well as remotely on various fault fixes. My job covers everything from desktops, laptops and software, to Blackberry, iPhone and iPad support. At the end of the day, I’m doing something I enjoy at Veolia and I get to tinker with various gadgets! I work on a variety of projects and learn from the best people in the company at the same time. 

  • Michelle Billington
    Michelle Billington Development Manager

    I started work at Veolia about a year ago. My role involves driving One Veolia’s Cultural Transformation Strategy. It means identifying talent and providing them with the right tools to achieve their potential and progress through the company. Great people work for Veolia and I’m doing a job that energises me. I’ve had incredible development opportunities and work closely with some inspirational leaders.

  • Michael Hanson
    Michael Hanson Site Labourer

    I’ve been working at Veolia since 2008. Before that I worked in a similar role for Southwark Council for more than 15 years, so labouring and waste collection are jobs that I know well. The best thing about working at Veolia is the job security and the great bunch of people I work with. Veolia has given me real financial security. It has also changed my views on how the waste industry works in the private sector. 

  • Joanne Demetrius
    Joanne Demetrius Lawyer

    I’ve worked for Veolia for two years. My job involves giving legal advice and assistance to the rest of the business. I work with our planning and development teams to secure planning permission and ensure we comply with a myriad of rules and requirements from regulatory public authorities. At Veolia your contribution counts – no matter what level of the organisation you are at. Work takes up a huge part of our lives and I feel very lucky to be doing something I love.

  • Conor Hanley
    Conor Hanley Apprentice Mechanic

    I started work at Veolia just over two years ago. My job involves the maintenance, servicing and rectifying of defects on vehicles for the Camden and Westminster Contract. At Veolia there are always opportunities for extra training and development. To me it’s not just a job – it’s given me a proper career path to follow.